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Learn more about HandCash by reading our FAQ section, or contact our Support Team directly to solve your issues.


What is HandCash?

What can I do with it?

How do I get started?

Simply download the app for Android or iPhone and sign up with your email and phone number. Unlike most crypto apps, you won't have to store complicated passwords to access your money - while remaining non custodial. You can also use HandCash through the web app version.


Why am I asked to verify an email and a phone number?

Can I change my associated phone number and email address?

Can I have extra $handles or accounts?


Which Apps are compatible with HandCash?

All apps publicly available for HandCash users will appear on our Apps & Games section of the website. If you're an Android or Web App user, you'll find a link to the App Gallery inside the Apps section of the app. On iOS, you'll need to access it through your web browser aT https://handcash.io/gallery

I am a developer, how can I build an submit an App?

Go to the SDK section of our website to get started! Integrating payments and NFTs is super easy, with no previous knowledge on Bitcoin or Blockchain required. When you're ready to launch, submit your app for review and after being approved it'll appear on our Apps & Games section.

Why does 'Connecting to Apps' mean?


How can I add more money to my wallet?

Can I receive other cryptos with HandCash?

What are the limits for the top-up system

Where are debit and credit card top-ups available?


How can I withdraw or cash out?


How safe is my money in HandCash?

Should I hold my life savings in HandCash?

Where are my 12 words?


Why is my local currency balance changing all the time?

Why am I paying Network fees?

What can I do with my crypto?

Is crypto anonymous?