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What is HandCash?

HandCash is a crypto company based in Madrid, Spain. HandCash builds products and services aimed to jumpstart the Metaverse economy through frictionless payments and persistent digital items embedded in apps, games, websites and virtual worlds. It is best known for its wallet mobile app of the same name.

What can I do with it?

The main feature of HandCash is being able to connect your wallet with all sorts of apps and games. This allows you to seamlessly pay or earn, and collect and trade NFTSs on compatible apps, games, websites and virtual worlds.

How do I get started?

Simply download the app for Android or iPhone and sign up with your email and phone number. Unlike most crypto apps, you won't have to store complicated passwords to access your money - while remaining non custodial. You can also use HandCash through the web app version.


Why am I asked to verify an email and a phone number?

Your HandCash Account is a combination of two different secret keys held by two independent companies for your convenience, this way you don't have to store them yourself while still retaining exclusive access to your funds. As long as you keep your credentials updated, you will be able to access your HandCash Account and funds.

Can I change my associated phone number and email address?

Yes, you can. Simply go to the Account section, and tap on Personal information. You can change your credentials from there.

Can I have extra $handles or accounts?

Every HandCash Account can have up to 5 $handles associated to it, although each of them needs a different email address associated to it.


Why does 'Connecting to Apps' mean?

Just like you can sign up on a lot of websites and apps with your Google or Facebook account, your HandCash account also allows you to sign up and log into compatible apps, games and websites. Those apps will then be able to charge money straight from your wallet so you do not have to manually confirm every payment. Also, the apps will know where to pay you when you earn money on them.

I am a developer, how can I build and submit an App?

Go to the Developer portal of our website to get started! Integrating payments and NFTs is super easy, with no previous knowledge of Bitcoin or Blockchain required. When you're ready to launch, submit your app for review, and after being approved it'll appear in our Apps & Games section.

Which Apps are compatible with HandCash?

All apps publicly available for HandCash users will appear on our Apps & Games section of the website. If you're an Android or Web App user, you'll find a link to the App Gallery inside the Apps section of the app. On iOS, you'll need to access it through your web browser at


Where are debit and credit card top-ups available?

We are adding more regions regularly, but the current list is as follows:

North America

  • United States of America (except the States of New York, Minnesota, Alaska, and Hawaii),
  • Canada
  • Mexico


  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Sweden

Asia and Australia

  • Philippines
  • Japan
  • Australia

What are the limits for the top-up system?

Your first US$60 in top-ups only requires you to give us your full name and birth date. If you want to top up more than that, we will require you to go through a very easy and convenient KYC (know your customer) process where you will have to identify yourself with legal documentation and a portrait picture. And if you reach the limits of the standard KYC level, you will be presented with a questionnaire about the source of your funds.

Can I receive other cryptos with HandCash?

Currently, only BSV payments are processed by HandCash, so if you send money from or to a BTC or BCH address (other flavors of Bitcoin), it will most probably result in the loss of funds.

How can I add more money to my wallet?

The most convenient way is to just top-up with a credit or debit card - it takes under a minute to do and you can use the money right away! There are however three other ways for you to increase your balance. First, you can receive payments from other HandCash users through your user $handle. Second, other BSV apps can send you money through your Paymail address. And lastly, using your legacy BSV address or QR code address.


How can I withdraw or cash out?

At the time you can only send your money to another BSV address, which can also be the address of a cryptocurrency exchange. We are working on cash-outs so you can send your money directly to your bank account.


How safe is my money in HandCash?

HandCash is a non-custodial cryptocurrency service, so we technically do not hold your money and we are incapable of accessing it without your permission. Your funds are safe only as long as you keep your credentials updated.

Should I hold my life savings in HandCash?

Although HandCash is a very secure non-custodial cryptocurrency service, we do not recommend you storing more than what you would carry in your physical wallet, enough for you to play games and use it for shopping online. The reason is we do not hold any banking license therefore your money is not covered by insurance.

Where are my 12 words?

HandCash is Keyless (does not require users to store a traditional Bitcoin seed or 'twelve words') thanks to its proprietary system based on Threshold Signatures. This allows us to offer a non-custodial service while making it easier for every user to access their funds without having to safeguard a password. The full key never gets to exist, it's a system based on partial signatures by different trustholders.


Why is my local currency balance changing all the time?

HandCash is a cryptocurrency service that currently uses BSV as the main currency. BSV's value changes against other currencies according to market laws.

Why am I paying Network fees?

As a non-custodial service, you will be required to pay for your network fees on every transaction. They are so small you won't notice, normally less than $0.0005 per transaction. We make sure you always pay the lowest fee accepted by the miners (the distributed server farms that run the network).

What can I do with my crypto?

The unique thing about HandCash versus other crypto apps is that it finally allows people to do something useful with crypto, instead of just trading it with expectations of making some money. Connect your wallet to all kinds of apps and games to spend and earn directly, or collect and trade the coolest NFTs out there.

Is crypto anonymous?

Despite what you might read and hear out there, nothing you do in crypto is anonymous - although it is normally very private. We are very serious about your privacy so we've made it much more difficult to track by looking at your transactions from blockchain explorers. Despite this, be aware that we keep transaction records ourselves for security and convenience.