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HandCash Pay API

Quick payments anywhere

Add delightful QR code payments on any platform and explore new revenue streams. A payment system built for the digital era.

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Find new revenue streams

every penny counts

We all know how difficult is to convert visitors to your website into subscribers. Allow them to unlock premium content with a micropayment and don't leave money on the table.

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Remove all friction

What an easy sell

Share links to sell individual items on any social media or messaging platform. Our dynamic previews will enable quick purchases by scanning a QR code, or open the payment on their wallets by clicking.

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Fastest payments for the real world

All kinds of machines

Easily add lightning quick payments that can request user data on any slot machine, arcade or self-checkout kiosk. Receive payment notifications via webhooks to customize your user experience.

HandCash Pay API

The future awaits

Explore new business models never possible before thanks to HandCash Pay's unique properties. In-person, online, and on any platform. Create QR codes or share interactive payment links.

Bypass payment institutions
Accept crypto and stablecoins
Immediately hits your account
Small fees allow for small payments
Up to 1,000 recipients per payment
Trigger events after confirmation
🤙 Free consultation

Our team will give you with strategies on how yourbusiness can benefit from HandCash Pay!