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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this section before requesting support.

Is HandCash secure?

Absolutely. We do not have access to your funds, as HandCash only acts as a UI for your Bitcoin SV (BSV) wallet - which is stored on the blockchain. So as long as you keep your backup credentials in a safe place you are safe.

Which tokens or coins can I use with HandCash?

Only Bitcoin SV (BSV). HandCash does not have multicoin support. In case you send the wrong coin you might be able to access your funds using your 12 words mnemonics with the BIP39 path m/0' although we cannot guarantee it or help you doing this.

Can HandCash help me recover my access information or password?

No, we can't. You MUST write down your mnemonics and or create a cloud backup of your wallet.

When iOS?

HandCash for iOS is undergoing a TestFlight beta program. If you wish to join, install "TestFlight" from the app store and click here.

How does the $handle system work?

The $handle system basically is a phone identifier. When sending money to a $handle, our server only serves as an intermediary to ask the receiver for a new address to send the funds to, and sends it back to your app.

Are there any fees for using the service?

No. You are only paying for the Bitcoin network fee when sending transactions. We guarantee it will always be the lowest fee possible.

We are bumping our phones and nothing happens. Wasn't this a contactless wallet?

We removed the phone to phone contactless (NFC) transactions between HandCash wallets and limited it to paying to POP! by HandCash Point of Sale terminals - and phones with POP! by HandCash installed.

Is HandCash centralised?

Yes, it is. In the sense that we control the development of our ecosystem of apps and services. And yes, the $handles are a centralised system to provide you with the best user experience possible.

Is HandCash open source?

Absolutely not. However, we offer free APIs to integrate our $handle system and Cashport in your apps and games. But our main code repository is private and protected by multiple patents.

Why does my address keep changning?

For the $handle system your wallet generates a new address for each use. This is how Bitcoin is supposed to work, to improve the privacy of your transactions. But all addresses generated from the same wallet (seed) are still linked to it. We do not recommend you reusing old addresses.

How can I hide my balance?

Double tap on your balance to hide it. Tap it back to display it again.

How do I enter custom BSV amounts?

You can't. HandCash is oriented to ease of use, and multiple tests have revealed that the vast majority of people do not pay attention at all to the BSV balance nor send amounts in BSV.

Are cloud backups safe? Aren't Google or Apple going to steal my money?

Cloud backups are encrypted in your phone before sending them to any cloud services. So yes, it's very safe. Probably a lot safer than keeping 12 words written down on a paper inside a drawer at home.

What do I do in case I can't see a transaction?

If you are reusing old addresses or under VPNs or firewalls for an extended period of time, your wallet might be out of sync. Just restore it again using your cloud backup or 12 words mnemonics.

iPhone specific issues

Why can't I see $handles in history?

Android users have this feature since day one, but we are still developing the custom encryption algorythm required for the iOS version as we did not find any open source library for it. Coming soon.

Why can't I access Keyport TV?

Cashport (the micropayment service Keyport TV uses) support is not implemented yet on the iOS beta version of HandCash. Will be added in the coming weeks.

Why isn't HandCash translated to my native language?

We decided to stick with English for the beta program so we could iterate faster not needing translations in case we add, remove or modify screens. For the final version we expect it to be available in Japanese, Spanish, Korean, English and French - at least. We will be adding more translations gradually.

Request for Support

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