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Send and receive using $handles, make contactless payments in stores and connect to apps and games! Only for Bitcoin SV (BSV)

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Bitcoin has never been easier

User Friendly

Register your $handle and start receiving tips and payments from all over the world.

Just Works

We optimized Bitcoin for you to provide you with the best User Experience possible.


Your wallet is encrytped with a PIN code, and backups are easy using Google Drive and iCloud.

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Designed for Humans

By using your local currency and our $handle system you
will find there's nothing new to learn. Just use it!

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    Register a $handle

    Think of it as your username. People can send money to them for tips or any kind of payment - like a bank account number, but simpler!

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    Back up your wallet

    We do not store your funds or the rights to your handle. You are your own bank! Your money is your business. Just remember to back up all that info.

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    Recommend it!

    We made this app so simple and powerful that you will be eager to share it with friends and family. Please do so! Sending cash has never been cooler!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me recover my access?

With freedom comes responsibility. With Bitcoin you are in fact your own bank, but in exchange you have to back up your wallet. Don't worry, we made it very easy to do it with Google Drive and iCloud.

I am concerned about my privacy.

Don't be! Your funds are yours and yours alone. We cannot even see your balance, and no one can track your transactions - we generate new receiving addresses each time you send or receive via the $handle.

Are there any service fees?

You only pay for the network mining fees, which are typically a tiny fraction of a cent (in USD) and will get lower over time. We don't charge extra fees, so it's almost free to send money abroad or pay in any store.

Why does my balance change?

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is just another currency, only digital. That means it has price fluctuations against other currencies, such as the US Dollar or the Euro. Your REAL balance is the amount in BSV or bits you own.


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