About HandCash

We are a young startup focused in the creation of easy to use yet powerful products with the goal of taking Bitcoin Cash to the next stage in user adoption. From peer to peer cash transfers to eCommerce or point of sale solutions, we are reimaging how money should work - in a fun and simple way!

Our team uses Lean Methodology to bring products to life. We first create an MVP and validate its acceptance in the market, with real users. We promote talented, small multidisciplinary teams, without any bureaucracy.

Available Jobs

All job positions are located in Madrid (Spain). Our goal is to find people who share our agile work mentality, with the ability to create code of superior quality and with knowledge in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

iOS Developer

Full-time iOS developer. What we are looking for:

Full Stack Developer

Full-time developer of products of different kind, as required by the team. We are looking for:

Join our team!

If you want to join us in this fantastic mission, and if you think you can bring something to the table... we challenge you to take a couple of tests!

They are two general scope tests, but sufficient to capture your essence as a developer. You will find both tests in the following links:

ESPAÑOL: Haz el test

ENGLISH: Take the test